Learn to Build a Digital Startup through Business and Entrepreneurship Training

UMRI Doing Startup

Humaspro – University of Muhammadiyah Riau held a business and entrepreneurship training with the theme of building a digital startup as part of the 2021 UMRI soft skills training. Participants consisted of students receiving provincial government scholarships and entrepreneurship lecturers, this activity was held in the Ballroom Hotel Labersa, Pekanbaru on Tuesday (31/8).

As a university that focuses on the formation of young entrepreneurs, UMRI provides an overview of the landscape of a digital-based business model. Deputy Chancellor 1 of UMRI, Sri Fitria Retnawaty, S.Si, MT in her opening remarks at this session stated that the current economic landscape has changed. “The entrepreneurship course curriculum that we design must adapt to the business model of the current era. So it is hoped that today’s digital startup training can produce digital entrepreneurs from UMRI,” he explained.

This training was guided by Shiella Priscilla as CEO of MeetUp and Office Space Pekanbaru with the team. Starting the session, Shiella revealed that Pekanbaru has great potential in producing entrepreneurs in digital-based startups.

“Young people today have a desire to work and can provide value to many people,” he said. Furthermore, he said that startups start from the foresight and sensitivity of young people to the problems faced by the community, then provide solutions by utilizing the closest resources.

Like a demo day for a Start-up k-drama, this training was followed by presentations from 20 student representatives. Students present their business ideas to attract other colleagues to join. After that, there are 10 best business ideas that can be developed as a start-up company. Fostered by lecturers, students join 10 groups to discuss implementing the business idea. (rn).