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The process of developing and constructing an executable computer program to achieve a given computing result or complete a specified activity is known as code in computer programming. Programming entails duties including analysis, algorithm generation, algorithm accuracy and resource consumption profiling, and algorithm implementation in a programming language of choice (commonly referred to as coding).

Instead of machine code, which is immediately executed by the central processing unit, a program’s source code is written in one or more languages that are understandable by programmers. The goal of programming is to come up with a set of instructions that will automate the execution of a task (which can be as complicated as an operating system) on a computer, usually to solve a specific problem. As a result, effective programming typically necessitates knowledge of a variety of areas, including application domain knowledge, specialized algorithms, and formal logic.

Comment driven development

I tend to sketch out the stages or pseudo-code everything using comments whether I’m coding a large or complicated usecase or something where things could quickly spiral out of hand....